Ellon Road Crit.

Ellon  Road Crit.

There is a flood of posts today on Facebook listing achievements too numerous to mention from today in Ellon.
Riderz first in the girls U8s. And second.
Special mention to Abby (3rd with a puncture in her group*) and Anna who was also hit with a technical issue.
There were lots of other pictures of Riderz zooming past cameras and it looks like an excellent day was had by all!

*I don’t mean third to have a puncture but that she finished third having suffered a puncture.

Commonwealth! Games!

Commonwealth!  Games!

Slightly overexcited but there’s some bloke! With a Riderz errm member. (I really need to work out what the singular of Riderz is.)
If you click on the photo there is a video with some more Riderz in it! Different ones! And more of the knight having his breakfast.)
One year to go. If only some of the Riderz were entering the Games…