Some of the kids went down for this, there is a full and extensive report below.  For an idea of the weather conditions they endured on the last day have a look at the pictures about halfway down the British Cycling page I’ve linked to below.

The competitors look pretty much like they always do, focussed, lycra clad, determined young athletes.  So cast your gaze to the spectators in the background – North Face puffa jackets abound, umbrellas held at 45 degrees, struts protesting under the onslaught of wind and rain.  I think it’s safe to say it as a tough adventure so well done for everyone who made it there and back!–Latest-from-the-North-West-Youth-Tour-0#.UaX0Ny7teRs.facebook

There’s some excellent first person accounts here.  Well worth a read.

(I’m afraid I wasn’t there for this one and none of the reporters mentioned the quality of the baking.  I shall ensure that this omission is not repeated.)


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