British National Track Champs, Derby 2016

On the first day that I raced I had the 2km Pursuit, in which I was happy to get a new personal best by 5 seconds which met my goal of a sub-2:30 time and some very consistent lap times.

On the second day was the Points race in which I attacked immediately after the first sprint which led me to gain 3 points after a 10 lap break. Once things were back together I attacked again and controlled the race, unfortunately I was unable to qualify for the final, however 3 points would have qualified in any other heat and my heat was the fastest of the 3. Next time I would use less energy bringing back breakaways and save my energy for points-winning attacks.

On the third and longest day it started off with the Madison with my partner Matti. Due to another rider crashing early on we were caught of the back of the bunch, however we brought it back and caught the bunch again, sadly after this effort we were unable to secure any points but we stuck with the bunch until the end. Next up was my 500m TT in which I had a good starting lap and then held my speed for the next lap resulting in another personal best.

On the fourth and final day was the Scratch race, in which I was starting to feel the effects of the week so my performance wasn’t great. To do better I would have kept in the top 10 and initiated more attacks which is one of my strengths.

I really enjoyed the week of racing and I look forward to returning as a junior.

Jonathon Hilbourne, Glasgow Riderz, U16


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