(Part the First went unreported)

Were it not for Covid this would be the tenth series of Parklife we have run, but there was Covid, so I lost count.
I feel I should apologise to those people who come up to me and start asking questions about start times, or course layout, or timing, or results and I just grin and shrug and explain the system. After thirty races over 9 years (minus Covid, so probably actually mid twenties) I know my job and it’s to press gang folk into marshalling and convince them that a Hi-Viz jacket brings out the colour in their eyes.
Paul does course layout / and course building).
Jim does lap counting (aided and abetted by Yvonne and his kids these days).
Rob does first aid.
Aiden rings the bell.
And Dom knows who’s won…

So a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who helped, you’ve no idea how much easier it is these days with so many of you willing to pitch in. See you in two weeks.


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