Good morning to you all.

A slightly belated post today as the IT dept has been closed for renovations (a new chair). But we’re back! Our Saturdays once again have focus and meaning! We’ve got shiny new signs on the lampposts in the park! We’ve got new coaches (learning the panic of frantically counting children on a Saturday morning), new members and even new coaches shirts!

So one note –parents PLEASE bring your child’s card with you to hand to the coach and please don’t leave until you have got it back!

Anyway here are some photos some are from the Bella crit (where someone made the mistake of giving Group 2 some cowbells) and others are just random stuff I’ve either been sent or from Facebook…

But I’ll close with this from Jack Cruden

Had a great time down at Manchester this weekend for the Sprint GP, beating my flying 200m pb by over half a second. Had some good results in the sprints and keirins, racing older riders from all over the county. Big thanks to Neil Macleod and Glasgow Cycle Team for letting me borrow wheels which made a big difference and put me on a level playing field with everyone else. Really enjoyed the experience and learned lots – also good to see 3 former Glasgow Riderz in their GB kit.

Once Riderz – always Riderz…

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