Loads of new memberz* this Saturday and great to see the weather held off for us too! Things will settle down a bit over the next few weeks, we’re back in Nether Pollock this coming Saturday (26th) as there is a concert on in Bella, then I think there may be a week off before the routine starts proper… On behalf of the committee can I PLEASE encourage everyone to book on through the British Cycling (BC) calendar. To give you an idea of what’s involved, we have approaching 200 members now and run 10 sessions every week. Each session requires a coach, some of the larger groups require 2 and are often rostered with 3. On top of that not all of the coaches can take all of the groups because of their qualifications… Finally everyone involved is a volunteer. (Was that enough of a guilt trip?). Link to the BC calendar is here

Did I mention we have a  Parentz Readme file where all your questions will be answered?



*It is club policy to always pluralise with a “z”

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