It’s been a long cold winter without everyone’s favourite Glasgow Park based British Cycling Go-Ride club to keep us entertained on a Saturday morning but we’re back. We’ve added an extra group this year to accommodate even more kids and we’ve added a few more coaches…

Week 2 saw the first Crit of the year – Bella Crit – organised on our home turf by Johnstone Jets. And what a day, there was weather Glasgow only normally associates with the Commonwealth Games as the sun split the sky whilst a rum selection of folk attempted to erect the brand new, Glasgow Riderz branded, but perhaps slightly inaccurately named, EZ-Up.

Click on this excellent picture for more from the marvellous Mr Martin Young’s Flickr Stream (reprinted with kind permission).


The following day (surely they were all tired? Ed)  it was up to Stirling for the Crit on the Campus where we got some fantastic results at an event which gets better every year.

But this is all just a build up to the main event, this Saturday it’s Scotland’s best (probably) Crit it’s CRIT ON THE GREEN!!! Months in the planning and hours in the baking. Let me remind you what you have to look forward to…


There’s over 200 riderz (does it still get a z if they are just cyclists rather than Glasgow Riderz? Ed) fair point, that should probably be young cyclists booked in for what may well be the largest youth cycling event we have ever held. There will be cakes, racing, and a paracycling race. And cakes!

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