Isle of Man Youth Tour

I really enjoyed doing the tour, and it was my first year doing it. The first stage was a 1 mile TT on the waterfront and was completely flat. I came 11th in the first stage of the B girls. The second stage was very hilly on closed roads and the weather was horrible. It was so bad that they shortened are race by 2 laps. We were go to do 4 laps and 5 times up the finishing hill but it was changed to 2 laps and 3 time up the finishing hill. This was my favourite stage because I came 5th in the stage and moved up to 5th in the overall standings. The last stage was a flat crit next to the sea. I didn’t do as well in this stage because I got dropped from the A/B girls (the A girls raced with the B girls) bunch. I came 7th overall in the tour and I really enjoyed doing it. I will definitely try to do it again next year. There was also a very good presentation diner that everyone went to, and the food was really nice.

North West Youth Tour

This is one of my favourite tours and it was my 5th year doing it. The first stage was a small hill climb in Lancaster. I came 15th in this stage out of 40 girls. The second stage was an hour long crit in preston, which I finish in the around half way up the bunch. The third stage was in Lancaster Salt Ayre leisure centre. The race went ok and I stayed in the bunch but I didn’t get a very good finish in the bunch because I found it hard to get round people. The last stage was the same course as the last one, but just the other way round. I did better in this race because I attacked on the last corner and came 8th in the sprint. I was really happy with this result. Overall I came 16th in the tour. I really like doing this tour and will hopefully do it next year.


Errigal International Youth Tour

This was the first time doing this tour and I really enjoyed it. The first stage was a very hilly course and was about an hour long in Churchhill in Donegal. There was about 70 people altogether in this stage, I came 3rd girl. I found this stage really hard. The second stage was a 2.5 mile TT which had a gradual hill in it. I came 2nd girl in this stage which I was really pleased with. The third stage was on the same day and I had another big hill at the finish. I also finished 2nd girl in this race. The last stage was a 35 mins crit in, Letterkenny. I thought this race was very fast and I got drop from the main bunch about half way through. I came second in this race but it was very close between me and Anna Flynn. Overall I came 2nd girl and I think I came 31st out of everyone. I enjoyed this race a lot and I will hopefully do it again next year.


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