I really enjoyed cycling in the youth tour of Scotland and I had a really good time with my team mates Georgia and Beth. This was my first time doing the tour and I had so much fun, even though the races were hard. I have never done a team race before and I enjoyed working with my friends.

Stage 1 – 30k Road Race

I got quite a bad start in this race but, I quickly move up the bunch, and stayed in it for 3 and a half laps out of 5. There was a crash on lap 2 and something hit my back break which jammed shut and buckled my wheel. I didn’t realise the problem until after the race and this made it a lot hard to get round the very hilly course. Although I still enjoyed the race.

Stage 2 – 35 min Road Crit

When I woke up in the morning, I was so happy because waiting outside my bedroom door was, a chocolate bunny, from are amazing coach Carlee. After breakfast we got all are stuff ready and headed to the car which annoyingly wouldn’t start. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get there in time, but thankfully Georgia’s dad took us in his car. I did better during this race but the bunch split early on and I got stuck on the wrong side. Although I still finished 4th in the 2nd bunch.

Stage 3 – Also a 35 min Road Crit

I didn’t get a very good start in this race although I still managed to stay in the bunch the whole race and I finished in the top half of the bunch. In the middle of the race the person in front of me slammed on her breaks ( because she was about to hit a cone ) and I went into the back of her, went over the handle bars and hit a parked car on the side of the road ( I may of scratched the car in the process ). Luckily I got a lap out and joined back in with the bunch.

Stage 4 –  round about 25k Road Race

I quite like this circuit even though it had a few very big potholes in it. The circuit had quite a steep hill in it which a was good for me. I managed to stay in the bunch the whole race and luckily I did not crash. At the start of the race, I was still quite nervous from my crash the day before, but as the race moved on I got a lot less nervous. In this race I got the best result, 16th out f 60 riders most of which were all older than me.
Overall I really enjoyed the tour. I have 2 more years left to do it and I will definitely be doing it again. I can’t really remember where I came in the overall standings, but it was somewhere between 34 – 30. Also a huge thanks to my coaches Carlee Wilson and Neil Macleod for all their help.


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