Some great riding and an amazing 12 Podium places (at least !!!!) forGlasgow Riderz at this weekends hill climb, ERC CX and Big Campervan MTB races and outstanding performances by ALL the Riderz. May have missed something, but here’s the podiums
Kingscavil Hill Climb
1st U8’s – Una Morrice
1st U14’s – Ellie Park
2nd U14’s – Alexander Macrae
1st U16’s – Keira Johnston
2nd U10’s – Imani Pereira James
2nd U10’s – James Ballantyne
1st U12’s – Niamh Doherty
3rd U12’s – Hamish Arnitt
3rd U16’s – Calum Shackley
Big Tree MTB
1st U10’s – Imani Pereira James
1st U12’s – Georgia Ferry

And a late addition – Imani Pereira James FIRST in the hill climb (u10s Girls.)*

*A Pedant writes.  “How can it be a late addition when it was written at the same time as the original post?”

“Ah well.  I thought it was appropriate to draw special attention to the young Miss Pereira James’ achievement as she was missed out of the results on the day as she was mis-categorized.  As a boy.”

“Fair enough.”