As we speak coaches all over Glasgow are dusting off coaching plans, oiling bicycles and pumping up tyres in barely continred excitement at the impending start of the Autumn term (19/08 – week tomorrow).

What can you as a member / parent I hear you cry! Well why not go here and read our helpful Parentz readme file (so you know what to expect).

And while you’re online why not go to British Cycling website here?

You could fill in the calendar and, in the unlikely event that you haven’t already, pay your fees!

Think how happy you’ll make the membership committee.

Finally why not email any photos you have to to enter our annual “Best Holiday Photo or Story Featuring a Bike and/or Glasgow Riderz Merchandise.” or BHPoSFaBoGRMC as the cool kids have never called it. You could win a car sticker!

Did I mention fees are now due?

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