Best Holiday Photo and/or Story Featuring a Bike and/or Glasgow RIderz Merchandise Competition”


The IT Bike shed took a little bit of a break over the summer, safe in the knowledge that there would be little in the way of activity in the world of Scottish Youth Cycling as everyone would be on holiday.

How wrong we were. In fact so inundated* were we with entries for this, the second year we have run our most prestigious competition, that we have added several new categories!


“Best photo on a Scottish trip.”


For all our foreign readers the Kelpies are statues opened earlier this year in Falkirk, adjacent to the Forth and Clyde canal.  A special mention for S___ as he got there under his own steam – over 50 miles in the day.









Riderz at ‘t Tour.

The Grand Départ was from Yorkshire this year and once again there were Riderz there to cheer them on…








Riderz on Tour.


Final prize for the most exotic locale goes to M___ – the photo’s of her crossing the River Spree with Berlin TV tower in the background.







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