Lots of Riderz were out and about in the City this weekend to see the second most important event hosted in the city that weekend… ┬áThe following is taken from the FB page…

What a brilliant day yesterday. We were there from 9.00 all the way through to the medal for the men. It was great to be able to dot around the city on our bikes to see them in different places on different laps and meeting other Riderz wherever we went. Made me proud to be a Glaswegian.
Highlight: (not) seeing the blur of colour that was Cav as he whooshed (technical term) past Stannard at the 100m mark! Looking frward to seeing it properly on TV tonight.
Funniest bit of the day: grumpy old man getting all upset at us as we cycled up the wrong way up an (empty, closed) street, telling us, “It’s illegal to go on the pavement”. He then got very upset when he couldn’t get across St Vincent Street.
Nicest bit: Rab Wardell acknowledging Matthew’s Riderz top as he went up St Vincent Street (think it was on his last lap).

An excellent picture with Riderz and one of the sponsors in the background…



And another photo here of one our young athletes with their fleet of bikes.