As part of the British Cycling development programme British Cycling have developed some specific training sessions to allow you (and your coaches) to measure you performance and track your progress as you develop as a bike rider.

As a club we plan to run sessions to run through the 4 readiness tests with all youth As and Bs who are keen to improve their race performance every 6 weeks. These tests are being used across the UK to assess riders by British Cycling so they are ‘best practice’ to allow you and your coaches to understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement and an easy way to measure that. All you need is a bike , bike computer and rollers.

Download the manual and look at the 4 key tests , two are just on rollers and can be home at home. There is also and appendix contain a series of roller sessions.

If you are interested in participating please speak to me at your next race or drop me an email.


Readiness Sessions and Testing Protocols AF edit ver 4