There was a discussion at the AGM this year about how to encourage members to use the British Cycling club calendar for booking – this is incredibly useful for the club when it comes to making sure we have enough coaches in the right place at the right time. (We have over 100 kids this season and over 20 coaches).  This is a direct link to the Riderz  calendar, but remember you need to be logged on as the child you are booking for to make bookings (there’s a workaround to this at the bottom).


The down side to this post is that I may also have said “I’m sure I could make a video about that,”


So I made a video, it was such a good idea  until I actually had to do it. I may have done more than one take, I mean in theory I could just have edited it but Windows Movie Maker crashed BOTH the Windows boxes.  I hate the sound of my own voice, it is possible I am, once again, over sharing.

So, if you’re stuck there’s a short video here showing you round the BC website…




*(as a work around to managing multiple memberships I have installed an additional browser. For example my main browser is Opera which has all my login details but when I need to access my wife or daughter’s account I use Chrome  or Firefox  respectively which have their passwords and membership details loaded. Clearly I don’t know my wife’s password and, if I did, that would be a breach of the her bank’s term and conditions. Which would be wrong).