The Committee

We look for parents, coaches and friends of the Glasgow Riderz to get involved with the Committee. Have a chat to any of our committee members to find out about the role and see where you might be able to get involved or contribute.


Jonathon Kemp

I fell off my first bike aged 7 and my parents then sold it.  It was another 7 years before I got my second bike and this gap seems to have triggered a life long love of all things to do with cycling!I am now a keen “leisure” cyclist – but I am increasingly struggling to keep up with my son, Cameron – who is a member of the club.

I believe passionately in young people learning to ride and having the opportunity to develop their cycling talents to the best of their ability.  I tend to think that cycling makes people happier and first and foremost I want young people to enjoy their cycling.

Day Job: I work for Barr Soft Drinks (hence the branded cycling top) – where I am responsible for “sales and marketing” and the annual charity cycle ride.
Favourite Ride: On a sunny day – a circuit of the Isle of Mull – followed by refreshments at the Mishnish.
Favourite Bike: My Grandad left me his “sit up and beg Sturmey Archer 3 speed 1950’s bicycle” – one careful previous owner and a genuine 100,000+ miles.  It is made from girders though!

Andrew McCafferty
Treasurer and Acting Lead Coach

I’ve been involved in youth cycling and in particular Glasgow Riderz for nearly 10 years. I became involved in them as my son took up cycling and have been a coach ever since.

I hold a Level 2 coaching certificate with discipline specific qualifications for track, road and Time Trial coaching.  I also have further training on performance coaching and sports psychology.

My background in cycling is in racing where I am a member of Glasgow Ivy, though when I was younger I was keen on touring and have toured around parts of Europe for a month on my bike.The best bit about coaching is seeing a kid grasp a skill that they couldn’t previously do and for them to realise that by trying and practice they can actually achieve something they thought was unachievable.

Graeme Robb
Club Secretary and Coach



I’ve been involved with Glasgow Riderz since 2010 and am the Club Secretary as well as a coach. I have a BC Level 2 coaching award, with a Mountain Bike DSU and a Trail Cycle Leading Qualification.Most people think I only ride MTB but I am also a member of a road club, have always cycled either MTB or road bikes and take part in a number of road or off-road sportives when I can fit it in.The best bit about being a coach… seeing kids develop and progress, hopefully they will have a love of the sport for the rest of their lives.

Lead Welfare Officer

Scott Morrison

Welfare Officer

Gordon Cairns

Mareth Young
Social Convener



I’ve been vaguely involved with Glasgow Riderz since my eldest son Paddy joined the club in 2011. I’ve been helping out at various Club cake stalls for the past few years and have now risen to the giddy height of joint Social Convenor, primarily because I thought the Club should hold a Christmas party and no-one else wanted to organise one.
I hold absolutely no coaching qualifications and have taken part in exactly 3 bike races in my life to date, in which I came last, second last and somewhere in the bottom third. I mostly like riding my bike down hills.
The best things about Riderz are the confidence and new experiences the children gain from their sessions and races and the rather lovely people you get to meet through the club. The worst thing is the washing during the cyclocross season.

Social Convenor

Michelle Kelly

Parent Representative

Chad Butz

Child Representative

We’re keen for one of the riderz to take up this role. It’s a good opportunity to get involved in decision making for the club and show some evidence of leadership and citizenship skills.

The Coaches

Edd Shackley
Edd was a founding member of the club way back in 2004. He has a L2 coaching award, with track, cyclocross, road / TT and mountain bike DSU qualifications. He’s currently working towards his L3 coaching award. 
His background involves a bit of touring, Audax (like sportives but without any of the frills!), road racing, time triallling, track, cyclocross and mountain biking.For Edd, the best bit about coaching is definitely the kids.

Jason Barnes
I’ve been hanging about, helping then coaching since Paddy was a wee one (2011?).

  • I’m a Level 2 coach with track and MTB specific qualifications.
  • I like the odd bit of racing here and there, some on the road, some off it, some inside, some outside,
  • I think gears are overrated (but don’t try that at home, kids),
  • I really should train more.

Best bit about coaching is RACING UNDER 10s ROUND THE PARK AND BEATING THEM! YAAASSSS! Or it’s helping a rider try something they don’t believe they can do, doing it, being amazed at themselves, suddenly filling with confidence, then immediately looking to do something more challenging. Either’s good.

Jim Brewer
I’ve been a parent helper since 2011 and got a Level 2 coaching qualification a few years ago.I’ve always enjoyed cycling, mostly road cycling for leisure and fitness. Since helping at Glasgow Riderz I’ve become more interested in off-road stuff. I can only think of 2 occasions when going for a bike ride was not a good idea. How many things in your life can you say that about?The best thing about being a coach is the kids.  They are rarely predictable (that’s a good thing, isn’t it?)

STRATH CYCLO X 70-200 084 Elizabeth Adams
I’ve been coaching with the Riderz since 2009 (with L2 coaching and rider leader awards) and I’m constantly inspired by all our members, and how they seem to be able to do anything they put their minds to.  I’ve also been a Skyride leader and coached women who have never cycled before, to get them up on two wheels round town.  I like all kinds of cycling from road to track and even a bit of downhill mountain biking.  I love racing and can be found at road and track events, though my favourites are xc mountain biking and cyclocross. I also love big expeditions by bike, exploring wild parts of Scotland. There’s nothing better than seeing people  develop confidence in their cycling and getting out there having fun, so that’s why I got involved in coaching. (Elizabeth forgot to mention occasional forays into triathlon, including a triathlon world’s bronze medal!  ed)

Bryan Donnelly
I’ve been involved since 2008 following my oldest son Rhys watching the Beijing Olympics and wanting to try track cycling. Spoke to Edd and the rest as they say… Rhys has now moved on, Skye has replaced him and I’m still coaching…

I’m working towards completing my Level 2 coaching award.
I was always a fan of cycling, due to French family close to the Paris Roubaix route, and also watching Robert Millar take the KoM in the Tour as a kid. I cycled religiously when younger but never competitively, I think they call it touring these days. I now race Cyclocross and I’m a confirmed Cross addict. I’ve also done a few TTs and there may or may not be a crit race in the near future.
Coaching is great fun. It’s also great to see their confidence grow and skills develop. Always nice when a podium is filled with kids you coached at one point.



Neil MacLeod(Best Bio Prize Winner)

Initially involved  at the Riderz in 2006 then coached a junior to Scottish Championship medals. I was then BC level 2 and Track DSU , but happy coaching Road and Cyclocross. I also coach at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and have also been team manger of a number of Scottish National Development Teams. I’m a  Physiotherapist which comes in handy as I occasional work as Soigneur for Professional teams in Britain and abroad.  I specialise in bike fit and cycling related injures.  involved with coaching Glasgow Wheelers before helping out the Riderz again for the last 2 years!I first started cycling in a club from the age of 12 the Glenmarnock Wheelers and joined the Glasgow Wheelers in  1981.  Have won Scottish Championship medals in hill climb, TTT , cyclocross (team) and road race. Was once the Glasgow and district road race and hill climb champion . Represented Scotland in a number of races in England and Ireland including the Nissan Classic. I’ve set up cycle team – Glasgow Cycle Team a junior/ U23 cycle team.  I currently ride my bike for fun and try keep a level of fitness so when coach the kids they don’t rip my legs off!!The best bit about being a coach at the Riderz is helping young people make the most of their ability,guiding them along a structured pathway, helping them to focus and trying to keep them in the sport.I’m seen as a Performance coach, which is probably true, but I really enjoy the end of season sessions at the Riderz where all the kids have a go at fun racing . It’s brilliant seeing the mix of abilities and ages having a fun day 🙂
Kenny Morrice (some call him the space cowboy)
I got involved when my eldest daughter started to go IN 2010, I was a parent helper for about 6 months then took the coaching training over the winter.
I have a L2 CCC (Pending paperwork)I’ve been road riding from the age of 13/14, before heading off to uni, I raced as a junior (predominantly TTs) but gave up when ‘studies’ took precedence.  After a  gap I got back into cycling and now try to stay fit enough to race in the odd APR/TT as well as making the most of the velodrome when I can.Seeing kids take on new skills and techniques that allow them to improve their capabilities and the sense of achievement that they get when something they couldn’t do before suddenly becomes possible.

David Whitehall (Best photo winner)

I’ve been involved with Glasgow Riderz since 2012, with my UKCC Level 2, Level 2 Track DSU, Level 2 Road/TT DSU.I’m a former Scottish International rider on Road/Track, have represented Scotland at 2 Commonwealth Games (achieved 7th in individual pursuit), former British individual 4km track record holder and British Team Time Trial silver medallist.The best thing about coaching is passing on the benefits of my knowledge/experience and seeing real enthusiasm and commitment from riders, while assisting them to achieve their full potential.

Richard Park (Best photo involving a swamp)

I think I have been involved since 2009- I found a Glasgow Riderz group being coached whilst I was riding the trails at Pollok Park, I went the next weekend with my daughter and we were both hooked!

I am a Level 2 coach with MTB DSU.

I have always loved 2 wheels, I raced as a Junior on the Road and TT before swapping my legs for engines, but I came back to bikes via mountain biking and loved all aspects of that from xc to DH.

The best bit about coaching is watching the young guns realise their potential and having a great laugh and love of being on their bikes. Sometimes it’s good to get sore legs from them too…

 Sarah Mitchell Sarah Mitchell
I’ve been involved with the club both as a rider and coach since 2006 when the club was still in its infancy. It’s been great to see it grow from 4 cyclists to over 100! I raced as a youth many years back, but stopped racing to go to uni in 2010 and have ye to get back onto my bike.Through my personal interest in track racing, I’ve completed my Level 2 track specific course and recently became both the youngest Level 3 coach as well as the first woman in Scotland to achieve that.The club has a really inclusive atmosphere and it’s been great to see both the club and the riders develop over the years. Read an interview with Sarah on the Scottish Cycling website.  (Sarah doesn’t mention that she won Gold when she rode for the club as a Youth A in both track and road crit and worked  part-time as a professional cycling coach at the Emirates whilst at University. ed)
Pete Shuttleworth
Glasgow Riderz IT Dept

We found out about Riderz back in 2009 via the website. I started as a parent helper and have finally got round to doing my coaching qualifications…Trainee L2 coach and a First Aider. Also Cycling Proficiency Certificate, Marus Bridge Middle School, 1982I was a keen cyclist as a child, BMX, MTB until sometime in my late teens when my head was turned towards things with engines… I re-discovered cycling when we had a child and now the whole family cycle together. We MTB and, following ideas from other Riderz, we’ve started touring in Scotland and Europe.What’s the best bit about being a coach?Teaching kids to cycle, obviously. Who wrote these questions*?
I can get quite evangelical about this – it’s an activity with no down side it’s fun, anyone can do it at any age, it’s a great way to get around and kids do it as equals to adults. And having a group of kids tell me I was just like Daniel Craig. Actually, mainly that (I bear not even a passing resemblance to Mr Craig).*You. Ed.

Robert Lappin
I got involved when my son joined in early 2014 and, as cycling was a passion of mine, saw an opportunity to help out. I completed part 1 of the British Cycling Level 2 Coaching Course in August ’14 and hope to fulfill the full qualification criteria by the time I complete part 2 in November.  I’m keen to expand my qualifications thereafter, especially in mountain biking leadership.I have always enjoyed cycling but I suppose I only consider it to have been a passion from 2008.  I enjoyed a successful Army career for over 20 years up until then and I spent some of that time on outdoors pursuits including nordic and alpine skiing and overseas mountaineering adventures, a few of which I planned and led.  I took to mountain biking as my main interest when I left the Army and this soon led me to road biking for fitness and to take on longer sportive rides.It’s a bit of a cliche, but seeing the kids grasp new skills and apply them is great. It’s good to see the young ones develop a passion that will hopefully usurp their playstation or TV as their No 1 interest
Paul Foster

How long have you been involved in Glasgow Riderz?
Since 2015 when I started as a parent helper with the Riderz before becoming a coach in 2016.
What coaching qualifications do you hold?
British Cycling L1 & L2 coach and First Aider also keen to expand my training to MTB-DSU.
What’s your background in Cycling?
I was a keen/slightly obsessed cyclist as a child and had some unusual bikes including a Tandem made from two Raleigh Grifters welded together (not the best for wheelies but mates without bikes got to join in). During the late 80’s & 90’s i found my passion lay in Mountain Bikes and began Racing for quite a few years until life in general took over and MTB’ing went back to being a weekend blast in the hills as and when i felt like. Thankfully my Wife & Kids also share my passion for Mountain Bikes which always makes for a great day out…..What’s the best bit about being a coach?I absolutely love watching the progression of the kids…. even over one session when they have learnt a new skill. The look of surprise when they have ridden down a slope for the first time that they would have once been nervous of walking down gives a bit of a buzz.

Coach Foster


John (Jok) Everett
I love the freedom and independence that cycling gives me and have had a bike since I was four. It’s faster than walking, you don’t have to wait on a lift from your parents or a bus, it’s thought to be cheaper than petrol and means you can eat cake. So what’s not to like?
So why coach? I have enjoyed working with kids since I was one and have volunteered at youth clubs, boys brigade & other sports clubs so it made sense to help at the Riderz. The alternative being to walk the dog for two hours in Bellahouston or go to Morrisons & anyway why should my boys have all the fun getting muddy.
I initially started as a parent helper and in 2016 completed British Cycling’s levels 1 and 2 Coaching Certificates in Cycling which were kindly sponsored by the Riderz and Scottish Cycling. These courses provide the backbone to the coaching your child receives at the club including the skills and techniques taught (that’s the bits that aren’t winged).
I like to ride on road, off road, in parks, woods, fields, skills loops, velodrome…I just like cycling and I’ve never been much good at competing but enjoy taking part.
My best bit about the Riderz is seeing the kids confidence and skills grow and being able to go down the big hill- something I’m still a bit feart of…
Rachael Halifax Second Best bio prize winner

How long have you been involved in Glasgow Riderz?
I started coaching with the Riderz in March 2016
What coaching qualifications do you hold?
British Cycling Level 1 & Level 2 coach and Level 2 ride leader.
What’s your background in Cycling?
For as long as I can remember I have been able to ride a bike. I use bikes to commute, explore, shred the trails (all guts and no glory), as well as to ride track and road. I developed a passion for endurance/ultra and multi day events and have been lucky enough to participate in rides including John O’Groats to Land’s End and London to Paris Ride24 as well as numerous Sportives often in the hope of raising money for charities along the way.
As a ride leader through the British Cycling Breeze programme I have helped ladies who have never ridden, or not ridden a bike in years (some 40+ years), learn to ride and get bitten by the cycling bug. I also volunteer at Free Wheel North on Glasgow Green, which is a cycling development charity devoted to enabling people of all ages and abilities to cycle.
What’s the best bit about being a coach?It’s great to be able to share my passion through coaching as it has given me so many opportunities and I know it can do the same for others.Riding my bike always brings a smile to my face, even on the darkest of days, and I love to see others falling under the spell of cycling too. Seeing people develop confidence and skills in their cycling ability is fantastic.Best of all is seeing folk out and about having a blast on their bikes!


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