Cyclocross is the most accessible form of cycle sport and can be run in a city park. The club tends to run at least one CX event a year as a few of the coaches are keen cyclocrossers. Historically it was raced by roadies in the off season (hence road bikes with knobbly tyres) but as it gained in popularity in its own right the season gets longer and longer.

A very friendly atmosphere, easy to get to and there’s normally coffee. Short races, even the grownups don’t race for more than an hour.


• CX is typically not very dry and is run in a time of  year that can be very exposed to the elements.  Plan for the worst weather and then a good idea to have spare clothes to get home in – it can get  VERY muddy. 


  • Older riders will have a specific CX bike (Looks like a road bike with knobbly tyres).
  • Younger riders can use a MTB.

CX Riderz – Racing

Who can do it?  What do I need? Any age can turn up to a CX race! You just have to check that there are races for your age category when signing up.  Ideally a bike that has some knobbly tires, it’s quite normal for a rider to use a MTB bike in a CX race at  an early age so don’t worry about having a CX bike.
How long is the race? CX races typically use a time segment followed by ‘x’ amount of laps to go i.e 20 minute race + 3 laps. This  can vary depending on age and race.
What does it look   like?Typically very muddy as held in the winter, and can go across many different terrains! Very fast, technical and explosive racing!
Go-Ride and   Regionals?​Our Glasgow Riderz club confined Crosslife events.  There are lots of other events organised by youth cycle clubs that are perfect for beginners including  at Chatelheraut, Inch Park, Edinburgh, Callendar Park, Falkirk and Linlithgow.
National events? ​The Scottish Cyclocross Series, also known as SCX  Series co-ordinated by Scottish Cyclocross  Association Scottish Cyclocross ( ,  takes place annually usually September to  December and consists of 6-8 races, hosted by a  diverse mix of venues across Scotland. Series points  are accumulated and the winner of each category  crowned at the end of the season.
British events? The National CX Trophy is the premier UK series for  CX. A Scottish round at Callendar Park, Falkirk  featured in 2021 and will return in 2022 (Irvine has  also been used previously) but most rounds  are south of the border.
How will I know? or the  Glasgow Riderz Facebook page, Scottish Cyclocross  Facebook page, the Scottish Cycling and Scottish  Cycling West Facebook pages or the Youth Cycle  Racing in Scotland Facebook page.  43
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