Breakfast at Georg’s was ace, he’s everything his profile promised, a fascinating friendly guy who provides a lovely breakfast with AMAZING views of the Rhine…

For once, thanks in no small part to Georg’s copious amounts of toast, we get an early start and we fair zoom through the Ks, with Millie racking up a controversial six and a half Euros* in the first hour.

We’re heading for Konstanz today, another 40kms or so and make great time arriving at our AirBnB apartment at 1500 after a great day’s cycling where we suddenly start noticing shells on shrines and lamp-posts by the road side – presumably all way markers for our acquaintance from the first day.


The apartment is ace and reminds us we why we’ve become such fans of AirBnB. OK there is an element of doubt over what you will end up with but for the next 2 nights we are in an apartment in a village on the outskirts of Konstamz which we would have NEVER otherwise have visited and we feel like locals. We’ve got a kitchen (which we never use) a fridge with beer (which we drink) somewhere safe to store the bikes and a nuclear bunker in the basement.
On last year’s holiday in Berlin we learnt that Switzerland is the only country in the world to have enough capacity in it’s nuclear bunkers to house it’s whole population (actually 120% from memory) and Millie and I are delighted to discover that the story we were told about all buildings having nuclear shelters is true when we find the apartment building’s bunker, now sitting open and being used for storage.

The apartment is 10 minutes by train from downtown Konstanz so we travel like locals, then dine like tourists at a German Irish pub (don’t judge us) before an early bedtime as we are off to a Go Ape-esque climbing adventure tomorrow… (OK the train journey was somewhat marred by me shouting at Millie for pressing the big red button on the platform, only to later realise that it’s the button that requests the train to stop and if she hadn’t pressed it we would have had to walk).

*During the Berlin trip last year Millie was pedaling at a pace best described as sub-pedestrian so we arranged an incentive package of 1 Euro for everyone she overtook. This was modified to “it doesn’t count if they overtake you first, or overtake you again” when she DELIBERATELY allowed a group of elderly Germans to overtake her just so she zoom past them. 
It was modified yet again to 1 Euro per group due a coach load of pensioners on electric bikes who she reckoned were worth 43 Euro as she went through them like a pike through a shoal of trout. OK I don’t actually know anything about fish but I imagine Pike eating minnows whilst zooming through shoals of trout and I think we can all agree on the imagery even if there is little basis in reality.

Border Crossing

Blue Moon Over Konstanz (view from the apartment balcony of a rare Blue moon.)


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