We have signed up the Decathlon Club card scheme. This lets the club accrue points* every time a member spends money at Decathlon provided they have a loyalty card and register that with the unique club ID. The club points are in ADDITION to the members own loyalty scheme points!

In addition if you sign up NOW (or now-ish) you’ll get a FREE 10 pound voucher** to spend at the new Braehead store (opening soon).


  • Sign up for a loyalty card here.
  • Take your super special new membership number (which will have been emailed to you) here and fill in the form adding our club reference number 2090454240013.
  • Print off the 10 pound voucher!


Phew. You’re done.  Thanks!



*And what do points make? (Showing my age)

**Terms and Conditions apply.  ie you have to spend 20 quid. Still good though.