The End of Term funday was probably best summed up by Coach MacLeod –

I know that I have said it in my club bio that the fun day at the end of sessions was my favourite session …… Well it still is .. Pure magic .. Kids , skills & racing…fun , more fun & more fun. 
Thanks to all the coaches and more importantly the kids for making my day 
BIG Thanks,




It’s always sunny in the park. Always.

Pep Talk.

Look at that balance!

Wherever Jason goes he has a line of children on bikes follow him.

Jason is hiding – can you tell where?

And this is how you do slalom…

Something wrong with this. Not sure what.

On the skinnies…

Performance worthy of note from this young lady!

Perfect balance.

Kenny’s tiny army..

And they are off…



Great cornering.

Long grass is a much greater challenge when you are small.

I’m not convinced they are all going the same way.


I. Am. Speed.



Hot DOGS (and not a pigeon in sight).


Is it me or are some of these kids bigger than they used to be?

That hill is normally muddy.

Someone told me the van was out of gas.

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