Possibly the premier cycling event to happen in Glasgow this weekend*

The end of the Spring term and the club pushed the boat out to arrange a race (via BC so there were other clubs there too, with the alliterators** putting in notably good turnouts) and lots of tasty treats.  There were hotdogs, CAKES and a wide selection of sweets.  (Overheard “Where did you get a lolly?”  – “You’ve got to give your race number back quickly and then they give you one!!!!!”.  Never have 2 children run so fast back to the sign on tent, terrified they’d been too tardy.  I think next time we should tell ’em there’s lollys if they clean their own bikes…).

9 O’clock.  The volunteers arrived to set up the course in the pouring rain, shivering, soaked to the skin erecting tents, gazebos, tape, hurdles and all the other stuff that goes into making a successful event.

0930  Sign on, “how many people can we get in a tent” as everyone squeezes up to get out of the rain.

1000  As the racing began the rain stopped!  The sun came out!!!!

There were many highlights, obviously the normal one of seeing an event coming together so well, but my own joint favourites are the young lady on a pink basketed, 12 inch wheeled bike – grinning like a loon on every lap.  And the young man leading the U14 race for way longer than he should have done considering he was on a BMX.

I think the most edifying thing was seeing how much the kids have come on – well done to you all…


*Certainly in the coveted u16 group.

** Johnstone Jets.  Clydeside Colts. Can you see what I did there?  Wordpress doesn’t think alliterators is a word but I’m leaving it in.