Millie and I were cycling through Kilmarnock a few weeks after we got back on quiet Saturday summer’s evening. The road were deserted and we were on the one way system which routes through the town when a solitary car went past us, too close, and hooted it’s horn whilst the driver gesticulated at us through the window.
Was it because we were 2 abreast and a whole lane and a half wasn’t enough for him?
Or perhaps because I look really good in shorts…
We’ll never know but it did remind me that sometimes cycling in Britain is just rubbish.

Cycling in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was amazing. The cycle paths are properly segregated and even when they aren’t the standard of driving is a level above anything you’d see in the UK. People are patient, we only got hooted when we veered incompetently across traffic or stopped unexpectedly. The surfaces are somooth and the weather was near perfect.
And it’s great way to see a very pretty part of the world, a great way to travel and a great way to spend time together as a family. If there’s any down side to report it’s that our bikes were perhaps a tad fragile for what we asked of them (we’ve bought some cross bikes for next time, in fact I’m trying to get this finished before we leave… )
Off to the Small Isles (Eigg, Rum, Muck and Canna) in September.
What can possibly go wrong?

To be continued…


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