The Scottish round of the British Mountain Bike Series was at Glentress this weekend with some ASTONISHING performances from the Riderz.

Your correspondent missed the younger riderz on Saturday as I was at, well Riderz, but I have it on good authority that they were all awesome. But on Sunday I was THERE and we were AMAZING.

An incredibly difficult course that had this coach taking the B line everywhere when supervising sighting laps (they gave me a number – to casual passers by I looked like a racer!); but this meant that we had a couple of DNFs so hats off to S and G for the astonishing effort (nice dent in that new Poc Sir). And quite a few finishes…

I can still remember the first day M started with Riderz:

“There’s a new girl starting – she’s very good so we’ve skipped a few groups and put her with you in Group 4,” said Graeme.

“Hi M- I’m Pete I heard you got a jersey from umm one of the Athertons? Gemma?”
“No the  MTB biker,  Rachel. ” At this point M cycled away, only one wheel on the ground.

“Graeme we should move M up to Grp 5. Or 7. She’s a bit better than the rest of Grp 4. Or me.”

And this week she podiumed on at the HSBC UK Cross Country Series which I think, in no small part is down to my coaching, all of which is detailed above.  Well done M!


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