In a veritable FRENZY of effectiveness here at the Glasgow Riderz IT bike shed we published our (often) weekly round up on Monday morning only to be hit by a FLURRY of news and pictures AFTER publication. So here’s some additions…

Imani is the National u12 CX Champion.

And there wasn’t a huge field in the u8s, but there was a Rider and it is quite a big field.

And I nearly forgot Sarah Mitchell – Scotland’ youngest female L3 coaches (And Riderz coach!) did an interview with British Cycling all about it, and you can read it here!

From the other photos a few things probably jump out at you – they need a bigger tent for the medals, and it’s the first CX race THIS YEAR where they haven’t looked in danger of drowning. That’s because it was in Ayrshire where the weather is always lovely.








This isn’t Irvine it’s in Strathclyde Park possibly the week before. But it’s a great picture.







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