And We’re Back

After a long wet winter we’re back.  Lots of new faces, and lots of familiar ones looking slightly older than last time we saw them.


For the first day of the season the coaches split all the kids into four teams and they moved round the park competing in Bicycle Limbo, Chase the Snake, Slalom and the dreaded Hillclimb.  (Well not that dreaded as most of the kids seemed to want to go up, and down, again and again).

Thanks very much for the coaches hard work, I know how much work it must have been organising it all but I think it was worth it!

Coach explaining the slalom rules to the Red Team.

Coach explaining the slalom rules to the Red Team.

Finally the helpers laid on the pigeon’s favourite food (and mine) HOTDOGS and CUP CAKES…

Pigeon's Love Hotdogs.

Pigeon’s Love Hotdogs.

Slalom Results

Winning team – TEAM GREEN – Average time – 27.22 second.Top three times on the day:

  • Callum Shackley 17s
  • Jack Cruden 18s
  • Sorley Johnston 21s


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