The club currently has NUMEROUS routes to keep you on your bike during lockdown, many run by our members rather than coaches.

Millie (Grp 8 MTB rider) has published an extensive weekly program on Facebook. Nothing too strenuous and she’s asked me to emphasise that everyone is welcome. It’s not just a chance to exercise but also for younger riders to meet the older ones so you’ll know who they are when the club restarts! I can’t emphasise enough these are FOR EVERYONE. Aided and abetted by Una and Iona. There is a mixture of yoga, Zwift social rides, Rollers and “Strength and Conditioning”.  Did I mention that everyone is welcome?

On Saturday the 1600 sessions will be led by DOUBLE BRITISH CHAMPION Anna Shackley!!!

In addition Geoff (Grp 8 MTBer, XC racer) is also running sessions, published daily on Facebook.

Coach Macleod is running Tuesday Rollers sessions, details on Facebook.

Finally Coach Josh is running Saturday morning sessions for everyone. Details on Facebook!

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