Still the best race name ever.


(from our correspondent.)


A fantastic day with weather reminiscent of the Commonwealth Games but with snow. Unfortunately a small technical glitch during the start of the Women’s Race. The generator which runs the timing equipment ran out of fuel so this is why the ladies results look different to everyone elses’.

A huge thanks from us all to Ben’s dad Iain McMullen for letting us use his camper van as an Auxiliary Power Unit for the timing gear for the rest of the races.


So cracking weather, a fantastic mixture of snow/ice and mud on the ground of the longest course we’ve ever used. The day started with a super-slick sign on team followed by a brilliant female only coaching session leading into the first race of the day – the largest grid in female CX Scotland’s ever seen (probably) with over 38 riders* on the grid.

Despite my constant entreaties I can find NO photos of the cake table but I have it on firm authority it was of exceptional standard, a standard matched only by the quality of the racing. Super tough u8s; scary-fast u10s; the u12s made mincemeat of a much longer course than they usually ride; finally the u14/u16 race was full of thrilling battles to finish off the day.


Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Jason for all his work organising.  And Jason has asked me to pass on teh following!

We also owe big thanks to Mark Young for showing me how to use a timing system (then providing very short notice emergency technical assistance!), the Glasgow Life pavilion staff who helped us out with hot water all day, all the coaches and parents who got up early and spent a glorious but chilly winter day making it all happen, our Scottish Cycling commissaires Jim and Colin who kept everything running smoothly, volunteer-extraordinaire Josh from Glasgow Life, the super crew from West Lothian Clarion who kindly provided all the stuff we didn’t have, Jake Lovatt and Lynn Colvin from Glasgow Life who made the event possible in the first place, Morven Brown from Scottish Cycling who supported us in so many ways from when we first had the idea right through to the last rider crossing the finish line, and finally all the riders who got stuck in, enjoyed themselves and put on some tremendous CX racing to finally finish the season off.

 Photos  (Spectacular, professional ones)


U8 result sheet

U10 result sheet

U12 result sheet

U14-16 results sheet

Female race result sheet


* Actually 39.