The aim of this short note is to let you know of some ways that you can help us to make Saturday sessions run smoother and hopefully increase the time that your child spends cycling and reduce waiting time. For many, most of these points are familiar and you probably cover them week after week, but if you are not familiar, we hope this information helps.

Meeting Point:

We meet at 09.45 hours at the bowling club and containers just off the carpark at Bellahouston Leisure Centre, the carpark can get busy on occasions. The sessions run from 10.00 – 12.00. Please be back at the meeting point at 12 promptly to collect your child/ children.

Signing in:

At every Saturday session there will be a sign in sheet. Please ensure your child is signed in to every session. 10am is the session start time so, please arrive by 945 so we can get started as close to 10am as possible.

Please book your attendance via the GoMembership site to enable us to plan coaching numbers.

Membership cards:

Please hand your child’s membership card to their group coach (ask an adult wearing a blue “Glasgow Riderz” jacket if in doubt) before leaving your child. Cards enable us to ensure that all kids are accounted for at the end of sessions so please report in person to the session coaches to take back your card (and child!) please. If you forget your card just speak to the coach and they will make a temporary one with your child’s medical information contact details in case of emergencies. Please note not all Riderz will have membership cards the first week unless the consent form and GoMembership has been completed before the print deadline.


Kids don’t always look after their bikes and it is apparent in some sessions that some basic problems have been overlooked between sessions. To save time, it would be a great help if you can check the following on your child’s bike:

• Tyres are inflated to a firm pressure.

• Brakes, front and rear, are operational and do not “lock on” or rub.

• Handlebars are tightened and any open bar ends are plugged or taped over.

• Saddles are tightened and do not rotate up/down or left/right.

• Gears work (and check that the child can change them – they can stiffen up over time)

• Chains are lightly oiled.

We always run a bike check before each session but if bikes arrive in good condition we can get started fairly quickly. If you are in doubt about bike maintenance ask any of the coaches for advice.

It is certainly worth having a bike serviced once in a while by your local bike shop. Our sponsors, Billy Bilslands offer good discounts and often fit new parts bought from them for free.

If you are borrowing a bike from the container please arrive early to ensure fit.


Helmets are an essential safety item. Please check the fit of the helmet: the front of the helmet should sit just above the brow, the straps should fit close under the chin (space for 2-3 fingers) and, when straps undone, the helmet should not readily fall off if they tip their head forward. Again, we do carry out a helmet check but any fitting faults can take minutes to fix and delay sessions.


Close fitting trousers/shorts and laces tidied away are the most important points. The weather can be cold and wet at any time of year so pack a spare fleece and waterproofs. Denim gets wet and stays wet so is not suitable.

Remember that your child will be getting physically active, so over-dressing them in warm heavy clothes can be detrimental and make cycling miserable. Ideally they should be able to remove unzip some layers easily and carry them in their own bag.

Gloves are recommended. We do not recommend mittens as we try to teach 2 finger braking and they may also compromise grip/braking in any case.


Your child should carry a small rucksack for water, snack and spare /waterproof clothes. This bag should be “cycle-able” ie, they can ride in it. We often travel some distance in sessions and kids should be self sufficient to a degree (able to carry their own clothes and refreshments). Drawstring bags can do the job but can be improved by shortening the strings etc so that they do not swing around.

Please note: We appreciate that you can spend a fortune on specific bike clothing, bags etc but there is no need for these sessions. Normal waterproofs and sports clothing is adequate.


We do appreciate parent helpers and they can make sessions much easier. All must have completed a “Protection of Vulnerable Groups” (PVG) check and the club can help arrange this. If you are interested, contact the club administrator

Further Information:

Please visit the website: and remember there is a private Facebook Group (For members aged over 13 and parents) where news and items such as sudden venue changes are listed. Alternatively, ask any of the coaches at a session or email

(* A Pedant writes:- Why helmetz and not bikes?
 Editor:- I blame myself - I mean we try to stop him but every now 
and again one getz through.)