As Le Tour came to it’s glorious conclusion today the following conversation was held somewhere in Scotland…

“So,” says Millie. “We are in Glasgow Riderz.”

“Yep.” I reply.

“And Glasgow Riderz is a British Cycling club.”

“Yes.” I reply again – beginning to wonder where this is going.

“And British Cycling is sponsored by Sky?”

“Errm yes.”

“So we are part of Team Sky. And we just won the Tour De France.”

“OK I’ll go with that.”


What am I going to do between 7 and 8 every evening now?

We may not ACTUALLY be part of a Tour de France team (yet) but I very much doubt if they would have been quite so successful if so many of our young (and not so young) Riderz hadn’t been in France and the Netherlands cheering them on…






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