When is it?  

• Saturday mornings


Locations vary across the south of the city depending on the start point – this will usually be the same location as the Saturday sessions and will be indicated on Spond for booking


Included in membership

Who can do it? 

• Our road rides are open and available to those that are aged 12 and over. 

• Must hold current BC membership (insurance). 


• Please ensure you are wearing suitable clothing for the time of year i.e. tights or legwarmers and a wind/waterproof. There’s no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing. 


• Preferably road or cyclocross with road tyres. Do the still need cleats / shoes or was this changed?   Although we run a bike check before each session please check your bike before arriving

• Please make sure you have the following essentials:  

1. Water

2. Spare inner tube 

3. Tyre levers 

4. Pump or Co2 canister or both! 

5. Snack

6. Waterproof 

7. Face covering 

8. front and rear lights

9 Bell?? 

Road Riderz – Racing 

Who can do it?  What do I need? Anyone!You are only able to race on the open  road once you’re 14, so most youth road  events take place on closed circuits and are  often known as criteriums (or crits for short).  A bike in safe working order and a helmet.  Doesn’t have to be a road bike, plenty of youth  road racers first lined up on mountain bikes in  their younger days. 
How long is the   race?The length of the race depends on the age  category – typically the youngest riders race  for around 10 mins, the oldest around half an  hour. 
What does it look  like?Crits are tarmac circuits free from traffic, often  in city parks, town centres or purpose built  cycle tracks.
Go-Ride and   Regionals?The Bella crit races, held in Bellahouston Park,  part of the Scottish Cycling West youth road  series.
National events? Scottish Youth road crit series, held at various  locations from Ellon to Kilmarnock
British events? British Youth Circuit series, held at venues  across the UK
How will I know? https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events or  the Glasgow Riderz Facebook page or the  Scottish Cycling and Scottish Cycling West  Facebook pages

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