There was too much for one post (and some of it was from a few weeks ago) as I was struggling to keep up so lots more to share…

Excellent representation for the club at Crit under the Castle with a great day’s racing. Congratulations to everyone who turned out and to Jack C – Scottish Champion. And Anna S – Scottish Champion. And an excellent second for IPJ pipped on the line for a second.



Wosca Dirt Crit Series

Epic efforts from Tom and Callum at the second round of the WOSCA Dirt Crit series. BIG effort and massive improvement from Tom, and a 3rd place in a mental race for Callum keeps him in the series lead and yellow jersey.

Huge effort from lots of club members again, with lots of podia places…


Parklife Crit


Fabulous turnout and great weather for the final dirt crit.

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