A mid-week session of MTB specific training to feed into the regional cluster sessions for older MTBers. Designed for those who are becoming passionate about the MTBing and we would really prefer regular attendance, rather than intermittent attendance, as we need to build skills. When we lose the light a lot of kids transition to the Roller sessions.

When is it? 

Wednesday evening whilst it is light enough. Timings confirmed by Spond as we chase the dying light.


Cathkin Braes

Meeting point at Cathkin is the BOTTOM CAR PARK ON ARDENCRAIG  ROAD

231 Ardencraig Road

G45 0HR

Note ther eare no toilet facilities


Free included in memebership

Who can do it? 

Anyone in group B or over??


As Saturday sessionz

• Close fitting trousers/shorts and shoes with Velcro fasteners or laces tucked in out of the way are the most important points. The weather can be cold and wet at any time of year so pack a spare fleece and waterproofs. Denim gets wet and stays wet so is not suitable. 

• Remember that your child will be getting physically active, so over-dressing them in warm heavy clothes can be detrimental and make cycling miserable.  Ideally, they should be able to remove unzip some layers easily and carry them in their own bag. 

• Gloves are required.

• Your child should carry a small rucksack for water, snack and spare inner tube & waterproof clothes. This bag should be “cycle-able” ie, they can ride in it.  Drawstring bags can do the job but can be improved by shortening the strings etc so that they do not swing around. 


• MTB required.

We have some MTB’s that can be borrowed from the club – contact us for details.

MTB Riderz – Racing 

Who can do it?  What do I need? Anyone! XC mountain bike events attract riders as young as 5 and well into their 70s in some cases   A mountain bike (or bike equipped with suitable tyres) and a helmet.
How long is the   race?Age and race dependent – typically the youngest riders race for around 10 mins, the oldest around 30-40 mins.
What does it look like?Each one is different, and organisers work hard to ensure courses are appropriate for the level of the race and and age of the riders, but you can expect anything from bumpy grass to super steep rooty climbs to scary drop-offs and everything in between.
Go-Ride and   Regionals?Our own Parklife events in May / June, perfect for  beginners, are part of the Scottish Cycling  West dirt crit/MTB series.
National events? SXC (Scottish XC mountain bike association) races take place roughly once a month from March to September at venues from the Highlands to the Borders. We ran the Cathkin Braes round in 2017 and will do likewise in 2018.
British events? The BMBS (British Mountain Bike Series) is the premier UK series for XC. A Scottish round at venues like Cathkin or Glentress sometimes features, but most rounds are south of the border.
How will I know? or the Glasgow Riderz Facebook page or the Scottish Cycling and Scottish Cycling West Facebook pages or the SXC Facebook page.
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