The End

Two years ago I was telling another Riderz parent that we had been inspired by a holiday story of their’s to get the ferry to the Isle of Barra and cycle the Southern Western Isles.  There was a brief pause whilst they composed their features before exclaiming, slightly incredulously “What at Easter? Isn’t that a bit early, you know with the weather?”

That year we were lucky, this year, less so, and the wind did make the trip a bit of a challenge at times and left us somewhat at the mercy of the kindness of strangers. But we made it home and have decided that we definitely all enjoyed it and it’s not something we’ll quickly forget! Suzy reckons you can divide experiences into “Type I Fun” and “Type II Fun”. Type I fun is something you enjoy at the time, parties with friends, tasty meals. Type II fun is things you only enjoy in hindsight, hillwalking in the rain is Type II fun, so is camping as Suzy refuses to believe that anyone actually enjoys sleeping in fields. This holiday was Type II fun, but Type II fun is better, it’s harder won and thus tastes all the sweeter.

The Hebrides were gorgeous, we met some lovely people and stayed at some fascinating places. And this is the view we were greeted to in the morning at Woodbine House on Uig from our bedroom window just before we left, the sight of a Calmac ferry leaving port always makes me wish we were on it…



A Map.

Accomodation and Links

Lochmaddy Hotel

Harris Hotel

Tower Guest House (book direct by phoning, we used  and apparently they take a very heathy cut).

Blackhouse Hostel

Loch Erisort Inn (Home of Bernie Fish, World’s Greatest Landlord)

Woodbine Guesthouse (Not idiosynchratic like some of the others, just a faultless B&B)

First Fruits Cafe (who are great and looked after our stuff and didn’t mind us dripping all over their floor).

40 north foods (Amazing deli)

Calmac ferries



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