I’d like you to imagine this space filled with a slightly chaotic scene from outside the container in Bella. The photo I meant to take had I not been slightly busy being part of the chaos.

So well done to everyone who survived our first week back, it was a tad cold, but everyone who dressed for it seemed to enjoy themselves. Please read the “Parents’ Readme” to find out how kidz should be dressed.

The second week we had to cancel! Never something that we do lightly but it did actually snow. There’s always a debate within the club about when we start back, with some factions believing we should run all year and others that we should start after Easter. There’s so many people away during the Easter holidays that we hardly run in April, and if we wait any later then we barely get two months before the summer holidays.

So March is the compromise but it does mean, very occasionally, that we are at the mercy of the elements. Keep a close eye on Facebook and your email, we’ll give you as much notice as we can.


From this year we took over as the organising club for the Scottish Cross Country MTB series. It’s a high profile, prestigious, national competition that is aimed at everyone from Olympians to our Riderz.


You should all enter. You’ll know loads of folk. It’s a great day out. There’s coffee and chat and quite an amount of carrying on. Everyone is lovely.

But it does mean that on Saturday morning this week when I rolled over and hit “snooze” (after checking Facebook and seeing we’d cancelled) other members of the club, of your club, were braving the snows of East Kilbride for a day of course building. (Not only are we the organising club for the whole event, we are the local club for the first event. Meaning it’s us who manned the Marshalling points, built the courses and cleared up afterwards!).

Marshall Point One was the best one. (Once I’d found it)

What A Day.

After Saturday’s weather we feared a repeat of Glentress last year when it was cancelled, but the weather turned, it was sunny!. It didn’t rain (much)!

The course was great and more than one of the organisers was a little star struck to see Olympian Grant Ferguson competing.

A huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success, from the track builders who started at 9am on Saturday morning, to those who were still packing everything away at 9pm on Sunday night.

Special mentions to SXC Chair Mr Jason Barnes, SXC driver of 4wd Buggy Mr Graeme Robb*, SXC roadies** Mr Paul Foster and Mr Sander Kalmijn and finally SXC Chief Marshall Ms Trish Ramsey.

Of course there’s loads more people who helped, marshalls, sign on, timing, music, course builders but most of all the riders who came and entered.

It’s only TWO WEEKS until we do it all again and YOU should enter. There is no -one in this club who isn’t able to enter, and think how happy your coach will be!

Until Dalbeattie…


*If there is a Graeme Robb.

**As in loaders of vans for touring bands, not riders of bicycles with the wrong sort of handlebars.

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