Of course the problem with rounding up off FB is the stuff disappears so fast but we’ll start with the big stuff…

Dundee Omnium

Una won the youth D Omnium at Dundee, with Stella a mighty third! Haribos all round…


Dalbeattie SXC.


Great day at the SXC in Dalbeattie today, Tormod Doherty, Niamh,Andrew Caldwell, Gregor, Paddy & Fraser all took park.

Great riding by everyone , not sure of all the results

I’m not sure if this is proper podium etiquette . Peter Sagan watch out..



Caird Velodrome


(from our correspondent)

Yes , some cracking racing for the girls and boys at all ages today and Beth was a bit of a warrior, cracking TT and would have been back on the track after the crash if she could have done but there will be plenty more races for Beth.


And simply because it is an excellent picture…

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