There has been a short hiatus in the results service due to a re-structuring in the Glasgow Riderz IT division (aka Intentionally Blank).
However following the installation of a splendid new solid state HDD and some more RAM in the server we’re back! (None of these are actually relevant to the site per se, which runs on an LCN server, but there are only so many hours in the day.)
and what a way to comeback with a splendid report from Mr Scott on the recent adventures in Lancashire…

The North West Youth Tour.

The Bash Street Kids are back from the North West International Youth Tour. No rooms were trashed, alarms set off or fire extinguishers emptied. Bikes were ridden in hotel corridors and hide and seek played over multiple floors, though. Imani and Skye were 3rd and 4th in U10’s GC, and Fraser, Paddy and Kasha were simply incredible considering they are first year Youth D’s – look out for next year !!!! Of the the older Riderz, Hamish had a great top 10 Finish in the Youth C’s in a very strong field, which was very impressive. In the ”Young Adults” (Youth B’s), Jack, Jonny, Matthew and Anna were all doing themselves proud in big, tough fields. Ellie – well, what can you say – was taken out while bossing the bunch wearing the race leaders jersey on the final corner of the penultimate stage, and, despite a ”suspected” broken arm still managed to cross the line. Thankfully the ”suspicion” was wrong, and although her arm wasn’t broken, it was bad enough to force her to miss the final stage (in a sling !!!!). One tough and talented girl !!!!!! Not one Glasgow Rider finished any of the stages on any of the three days without giving their all – a real credit to themselves and the club.


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