Three weeks, that’s all I missed and yet there seems to have been an awful lot happened. For starters we broke up for the summer with the traditional fun day in the park. Now as the more avid Facebook readers will be aware I am of the opinion that there is a Half Man Half Biscuit song for everything but even though they actually have a song called “Fun Day in the Park” it only got one “like” from the youths on FB so I will take the hint/sulk and not share it with you!

Instead here’s some of the photos from FB and a huge thanks to everyone who has helped this term and congratulations to the kids, sorry kidz, for their dedication and enthusiasm.

End of the Spring Term.

We do it twice a year so even the coaches should know the score by now. 3 skills stations generate points which are then translated into a head start in the final race followed by hot dogs and BAKING.




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