Quite an exciting start to Saturday morning with some confusion inevitably resulting in us changing the venue from Bellahouston (because there was a concert on over the weekend) to Nether Pollock only to change it back again to Bella because of parking issues at Nether Pollock. We also learned that there are 2 Bowling Clubs at Bella. Who knew? We’ve only been doing this for a decade…

The make up of the groups is something that we change continually – we cater to a wide range of ages and abilities which we can only achieve by optimising how we use the coaches. This year we have raised the lower age limit meaning we can provide extra coaching to the older kids who we feared we may be losing touch with as a club. For the younger kids this has meant that, to all intents and purposes, last term’s Group 1 is this term’s Group 2. (We’ve tried naming the groups in the past – anyone remember “Spokes” and “Wheels”? – to avoid people worrying that they weren’t “moving up” but no-one could ever remember which group is which.)

After all that, this term we are going to try running Group 1 and 2 together and just split them on the day depending on individual ability.
Flexibility – that’s the key to running a cycling club.

News from the Racers…

(from our correspondent)

Not only did Jony retain the leader’s jersey in the Scottish Power after placing 5th at Ellon biut also lots of Riderz podiums. Wins for Jack, Anna S and Imani. 2nd for Georgia and 3rds for Calumn S and Beth. Fantastic effort by everyone involved.

Chapeau guys.

Once Were Riderz…

(from our correspondent)

Four former Riderz ripping it up as juniors against the Seniors with Andrew Vettraino winning the Donald Thomson Memorial RR, today at Barmill. We are also reliably informed that Ryan wasn’t actually annoyed, as he appeared in the picture, but was eyeing up a table of food and plotting how to get there before Andy…

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