The New Term Resolution that I made to try and write a blog post every Sunday night is going well* as we already up to Week 2!

So admin first, after some complaints about the CROWDS we had last week Graeme has used all of his IT skills to make laminated number boards for the coaches and we’ll aim to have muster points for each group away from each other so we don’t cause an obstruction. As always if you can turn up on time (think 0945 arrival for a 1000 departure) that would be a huge help. The older groups often manage to actually leave on time so if you’re late you may find yourself helping with the younger ones…
Whilst I’d hate to discourage anyone I would encourage you all to try and be regular, especially for the lower groups. It is possible to speedily progress through the groups but we do run a structured program and it’s difficult for the coaches when they see great progress one week only for that child to then miss a couple of weeks and be suddenly behind the group.
Anyway here’s a photo of dubious relevance.


Sainsbury School Games

<clears throat>

We are DELIGHTED to announce that Lewis Stewart (Glasgow Riderz), Joe Nally (Hardie-bikes) and Stephen Dent (Nevis Cycles) were selected to represent Scotland in the Team Sprint event of the Sainsbury’s School Games in which they not only took Gold but also set a new national record.
Stunning performance.


The club store is open!!! And it closes soon. Be quick. See the email from Graeme for details. (Do I need a jacket? Would I wear it? A top? Maybe…)

CX Training

Cyclocross training is back at Nether Pollock and bryan is VERY excited about it, so much so that he has had a go at talking some of the coaches into competing.
Go to the BC calendar and sign up. You’re riding your bike, round a park, under floodlights! How else would you spend a Thursday night?

Pedal for Scotland

It was the Glasgow to Edinburgh mass participation cycle event this year for those that weren’t CX racing. Congratulations to S____


Lots of hard work from the time trialists on Saturday morning.

*A Pedant writes. It’s Monday.

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