The Increasingly Inappropriately Named Weekly Review.

“When you write the weekly review,” asks Coach Kenny, “would you remind everyone that we are still looking for volunteers for the 10TT on Sunday 11th. If you could ask volunteers to post on the Facebook thread or email the club direct?”

Ah yes the weekly review…

As we’ve recently had a SURGE of new subscribers I should perhaps explain… There is, in theory, a weekly review where the Glasgow Riderz IT dept (pete) together with the social media team (still pete) cull stories from Twitter, Facebook and edit the stuff we are sent to post to the website so that everyone can see how much stuff is going on around the club. Sometimes we get blogs from the athletes (which are always gratefully received and, frankly, an ace read).


Anyway it’s been a busy few weeks since the last one….

Those Riders not occupied elsewhere were either opening the Tour or on the Sky Ride in Glasgow. Hundreds got coaching at the associated events in Glasgow Green..





I have no idea what is happening here, but it’s a great shot…



I’m sure they told me no skinny tyres..











Meanwhile there are some familiar faces here representing Scotland at the School games…



And some of our athletes in the Georgetown Cup TT

Some great results too. Congratulations to all that entered…



Finally Coach Bryan would never forgive me if I didn’t remind you all the the Cyclocross season is coming…













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