Well something of a busy weekend for everyone…

The Saturday morning sessions ran as normal and were really well attended with a great time had by all. We had skeleton coaches with all hands on to help. Special mention to all the parent helpers without whom we couldn’t run most weeks!

We also had some new arrivals in the form of some Frog bikes courtesy of Frog themselves via our sponsor @bilslandcycles – some of our old bikes were in dire need of replacement and it’s fantastic we have quality bikes we can lend to our members. Thanks folks it’s support like this that has helped make the club such a success.

The Racers

So where was everyone else? Racing, taking kids to racing, organising racing, timing racing and marshalling racing.

On Saturday it was the Peebles stage race – an awesome event by all accounts well worth the trip…



It was the Glasgow Riderz 10tt on the A77.
It’s a huge amount of work for Kenny and a fabulous event always abley supported by the glorious Ayrshire weather. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this event a success and congratulations to everyone who rode.

Way more pictures (of typically spectacular quality) at the Press Room.

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