Saturday 13th August and it’s on our home turf.  Many of you have spent years riding the playing fields of Nether Pollock on various bikes of various sizes and on Saturday 13th we will be hosting a race there, part of the Scottish Cycling West Youth MTB Dirt Crit Race Series no less (SCWYMTBDCRS as all the cool kidz are already calling it*).

The best bit is that there is no handicap system EVEN THOUGH it’s on your home turf, so you’ll probably know everyone. There may be cakes.

As always we need marshalls and all the other helpers who make these things a success. Please email Graeme and tell him what you can do –


(*They have clearly used the same team to name that who named holiday photos competition – which is also still available to enter BHPoSFaBoGRMC  )


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