The Youth Tour of Scotland 2015

When I was asked if I wanted to ride the Youth Tour of Scotland I was excited but more than a bit nervous. I knew it would be the hardest races I would ever have done and I also knew I would have to be very organised (as I am generally not!). On arriving I finally realised how big a race this was. There were riders from all over the UK.

Our team went out for a ride round the course just after we arrived. The ride was helpful but the prospect of racing it the next day was daunting. When we arrived back we got organised for the next day (putting our numbers on and preparing our bikes).

The next morning we had a lie in (compared to the remainder of the weekend). We warmed up at Strathallan then rolled out to the start. I was really nervous as this was going to be the longest race I had ever done being 33km. I got off to a good start although I was dropped by the bunch rather quickly. I got in a group of three (one being my teammate) and we worked together until disaster struck! My chain came right off and it took me far too long to get it back on. The other two riders were miles away (not literally but it felt like it). I was on my own. I continued trying my hardest to catch them up again until my chain came off again! This time it didn’t take as long but it was demoralising. I finished the race and I wasn’t last! We returned to Strathallan and we prepared our kit for the next stage.

Going into stages two and three I was more relaxed as I was used to crit races. It was an early start and we drove into Perth city centre for the two crits. The first race was definitely more fun than the previous stage although I didn’t stay in any group for long. After the race we sat in the sun and had a bite to eat. The next race was great. I got with a group (including lots of fast people) and I felt like I was riding really well (I even took a turn on the front). After we sat and relaxed while watching the boys’ race. It was a really nice day which was a bonus. This was a great day and I really enjoyed the racing.

The Monday was the kermesse stage. I was apprehensive about this race as there was a hard hill leading up to the finish and I was tired after having already done three stages. I had a good race and I worked with another rider for the whole race. It came down to the last hill and I sprinted away from her. I enjoyed this stage much more than I thought I would. We went back to Strathallan and got showered and changed then returned to watch the boys’ race.

In conclusion this has been one of the best experiences of my life (not exaggerating). I haven’t stopped talking about it and I have been inspired. I really enjoyed the racing but a big part was the atmosphere. It was great to hang out with my friends too. As I said it was amazing and I definitely will come back next year! A huge thank you to Carlee Wilson and Neil Macleod for all their support (and patience J).


Georgia Ferry, Glasgow Riderz

YToS 2015

YToS 2015


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