When is it? 

• Tuesday evening. 18.30-20.30 hrs.  


Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

1000 London Road

G40 3HG


Payable via spond on booking

Who can do it? 

  • Minimum age 11.
  • If you enjoy a mix of Rollerz, track and music it’s for you!


• Shoes and helmets are available to borrow for the velodrome. 

• Jersey and shorts – sunglasses can be good for the glare too from the lights. 


• Bikes are available to borrow for the velodrome and included in the price of the session

Don’t forget to bring your rollerz with you. We have limited numbers at the track that can be borrowed. 

Track Riderz – Racing 

Who can do it?  What do I need? Generally youth C and older, although some events will be open to youth D riders.  A track bike (we have a container full of them should you wish to borrow one!) a helmet, velodrome accreditation (if you wish to race on an indoor track), gloves and some idea of what happens! Remove?
How long is the   race?Individual track races vary in length, from short sprints up to around 10km for older youth endurance events.
What does it look  like?An oval track – sometimes indoors,   sometimes outdoors, sometimes wooden, sometimes concrete, sometimes tarmac, sometimes banked, sometimes not.
Go-Ride and   Regionals?Youth track meets at Dundee’s Caird Park are a great introduction and usually open to youth D riders.
National events? Scottish Cycling Track series – we organise one at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Youth C upwards, and Glasgow Life accreditation  required. 
British events? British Cycling youth track series meets take place at Glasgow, Manchester, London, Newport and some others.
How will I know? https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events or the Glasgow Riderz Facebook page or the Scottish Cycling Facebook pages
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