History and background

Glasgow Riderz SCIO is a youth cycling club established in 2004 under the British Cycling Go Ride scheme. The club gained SCIO status in 2022. Over the years we have grown from a handful of cyclists, to one of the UK’s largest youth only cycling clubs. 

Our Mission & Purpose 

  • Glasgow Riderz is all about making the next generation of cyclists in a fun friendly environment. As a club we simply want the young people of Glasgow to be able to get the most out of cycling and to develop a lifelong passion for riding their bicycles. In doing so we believe our Riderz will grow up to be healthier, happier and more environmentally aware. 
  • Through our volunteer coaches and helpers we offer Riderz from the age of 6 a solid foundation in riding skills which then leads to a multi-discipline experience across Road, BMX, Track, MTB and Cyclocross – making full use of the world class facilities Glasgow and Scotland have to offer. As our Riderz gain in confidence and skills we encourage them to both race for the Club and to enjoy the social side of cycling. Whether they go on to represent Team GB (there were 3 Riderz competing at the Olympics!), become a coach and pass their skills onto others, simply enjoy social rides with friends or perhaps cycle to work our mission is done if we have “made a cyclist”. 
  • We want to encourage more girls and young women into and to stay in cycling. Our club aim is 50% female members, currently we sit around 30% female.
  • We aim to prevent a lack of financial means being a barrier to someone being part of our club. 

What do we do?

Throughout the year our qualified coaches offer weekly sessions focusing on the core skills and techniques to develop well rounded / accomplished cyclists. We have our own performance coach who……

Sessions take place around Glasgow. We use Pollok and Bellahouston parks, Cathkin Braes, Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and the BMX track at Knightswood. The road rides take place on the quieter country roads towards Bishopton, around the A77 and out from Cathkin Braes.

Keep reading for more information on the different sessions.


All communication, booking, payment, consenting to activities and medical information takes place on Spond, please download this on your phone. If you have any difficulties please let us know or see our easy to use guide ( do we have something / link?) All activities will be available to book 7 days in advance and will have a final sign up time to allow us to coordinate coaches for the number of participants. There is no limit to the number of activities you can sign up for.

Monthly membership £12 this is collected via a standing order. Membership must be paid monthly in order to retain your place within Glasgow Riderz SCIO

Several sessions are included in the price of the membership however we need to pay Glasgow Life for use of some venues. To cover this there is an added cost for some mid week activities. This additional cost will be paid via spond when booking the session.

What does the rider bring?

Please note a helmet is required for participation in all activities

Close fitting trousers/shorts and shoes with Velcro fasteners or laces tucked in out of the way are the most important points. The weather can be cold and wet at any time of year so pack a spare fleece and waterproofs. Denim gets wet and stays wet so is not suitable.

Remember that your child will be getting physically active, so over-dressing them in warm heavy clothes can be detrimental and make cycling miserable.  Ideally, they should be able to remove unzip some layers easily and carry them in their own bag.

Gloves are required. We do not recommend mittens as they may compromise grip/braking.

Your child should carry a small rucksack for water, snack and spare inner tube & waterproof clothes. This bag should be “cycle-able” ie, they can ride in it.  Drawstring bags can do the job but can be improved by shortening the strings etc so that they do not swing around.


Although we run a bike check before each session please check the following:

  • Tyres are inflated to a firm pressure,
  • Brakes are operational and do not rub.
  • Handlebars are toght and any open bar ends are plugged.
  • Saddles are tightneed and do not rotate or move up/down.
  • Gears work
  • Chains are lightly oiled

Loan bikes are available by arrangement.

Health & consent

Consent must be given for participation in all club activities, this can be done via spond.

Inform the coaches and update spond of any changes in health and ensure riderz have any medication they may require eg inhalers, EpiPen’s and the coaches know where to find them if needed

If there are any strategies that help your child participate or learn please make the coaches aware of them. – for additional needs, prob needs reworded

The Sessionz


Our Saturday sessions are where you learn the core cycling skills and get exposure to all areas of cycling in a fun group environment. Riderz are grouped according to their skill level and age and will slowly progress through the groups as they grow and develop as riderz. In these sessions they will be exposed to a variety of riding skills including  cornering, ascending and descending, braking, progressing these skills on a variety of terrain, developing group riding skills, racing craft but most importantly having fun on their bikes with friends.


Cathkin Braes –


Saturday mornings 9.45 for 10am start


Included in membership


Open to everyone – Riderz will be allocated to an appropriate group dependent on their ability level and age.


Booking via spond


Monday evenings spring to Autumn – more info here.


More here.

Shredderz MTB

More here.

Rollers / Fitnezz

More here.


More here

Social Events

There are a few social events through the year, in addition to some casual rides. The annual awards night is held in late November / early December with a QUIZ and a DANCE. In June we have a family day cycling round Millport and each of the terms tends to end with HOTDOGS.

There’s also an annual MTB camp.

Club Kit


In association with our sponsor we have high quality cycling speicif kit available to buy. This is done through an online shop which is opened when there is a demand.

This kit comes in a variety of Glasgow Riderz styles – MTB tops, road style jerseys and shorts and skinsuits with a range of branded accessories. This kit is suitable for racing and for wearing at riderz sessions. It is available to order normally twice a year via the club.

Branded casual clothing.

Club kit provides an affordable range that mirrors the colourscheme of the technical club kit and includes the Glasgow riderz logo. It offers t shirts in a quick drying fabric and a range of hoodies and sweatshirts. This can be purchased throughout the year www.club-kit.co.uk


We run this club with volunteers. The coaches, the committee, the child protection officers are all volunteers and 90% of those are parents of members which means we have constant turnover of staff.

So we need you to volunteer or there is no club. If you can ride a bike without falling off you can help on a Saturday (most of our coaches fall off quite a lot so that might not have been my best example).
If you can’t ride a bike can you bake cakes for the fun day?
Can you help with the website?
ANYONE can marshall!
You’ll need to complete PVG, we’ll pay for courses and provide support but without you, or people like you, there’s no club to join.
You’ve got to do something, it might as well be this!
Learn more here

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